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Elections 2023 programme


The CSV programme consists of three parts:

1. Feature article that presents the great challenge of our time

2. Our detailed programme (Please find the text here below!)

3. Our main projects (Please find the text here below!)

You can consult our program in 3 languages. You find the English version here. Die deutsche Fassung finden Sie, wenn Sie oben auf den Knopf DE klicken. Pour voir la version fran├žaise veuillez cliquer sur le bouton FR en haut.

  1. The Big Challenge. Environment and Energy

The pursuit of a healthy and fulfilling life is a great desire for us all. Making this desire sustainable implies a careful and responsible use of the limited resources of our environment. Therefore, the CSV-Bertrange has given its full support to the processes proposed by the State “Climate Pact” and “Nature Pact”.

In our “Op de Punkt” 01/2022, the CSV-Bertrange has developed concrete ideas to improve our climate footprint. We would have liked our proposals to be discussed openly and objectively, but this was refused.

We all can make a contribution. The rational use of available energy, the promotion of flora and fauna, the maintenance of mobility for our citizens are the priority issues. Courage, will and imagination are needed to achieve these goals.

After numerous studies in recent years, many of these projects have already been implemented. But we need to develop green spaces and plant trees, to monitor the energy use of our buildings by means of a digital management, to make maximum use of solar energy, to guarantee safe mobility for the citizens, to reduce waste and ensure recycling, and to continue supporting projects of the citizens.

How can we achieve all this? We in the CSV-Bertrange opt for collaboration. To the citizens we offer an active culture of information and debate so that they can commit themselves to an environmentally friendly future. The best way to achieve these ambitious goals!

2. Our Programme for Bertrange

Please download the english version of our programme for Bertrange!

3. Our most important projects

Our Op de Punkt 2-2023 will give you explanations of our major projects. Please download the text! You will find the english version on the pages 6 and 7.


Our programme was developed by our candidates in collaboration with our committee members. The development process was launched as part of our “political round table” project in the first half of 2022. This project was also attended by citizens who are not members of the CSV. However, many impulses from other citizens, who have shared their concerns and problems with us, have also been incorporated. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who have worked for this election programme and encouraged us to embark on the path of participatory democracy.